Condo Services

Refurbishment & Renovation

To maintain the value of a condo building and satisfy the increasing demands of unit owner, regular maintenance and refurbishment of the common areas and amenities are a must. At CCS we specialize on modernizing condo buildings all over the GTA, making them into attractive investment objects. 

Entrance & Hallways

At CCS we understand that the first impression counts. Modernizing the entrance and hallways is important to give the condo a neat and sophisticated look, that attracts new residents and makes existing owners feel at home. 

Residents Lounge & Partyrooms

The residents lounge and partyroom are a meeting spot for the whole condo and guarantee good neighbourship. Keeping them inviting and up to date, ensures that all residents will get the best use out of them. 

Sport Facilities 

Gyms and other rooms for recreational activities are in high demand. CCS will make sure that your condos workout room is up to standard, with suitable flooring, air exchange and a modern looks that your residents will love. 

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